Why Whiskyauctions.eu?

Because we love whisky as much as you do.

Beside the whiskybottles you can sell all your other whiskyitems.
Look in the calendar when there will be whiskyauctions , look in next whiskyauction
when the upcomming auction will be.

In the calendar you also will find our whiskytastings.
Do you want your own whiskytasting or whiskyworkshop?
Give us a call or sent us an email.
Look on our website www.maltwhiskyreizen.nl how we can help you visiting Scotland, individual,
or in a group, we give professional traveladvise.

Before you can participate the whiskyauctions, you have to register, both seller and buyer have to register on www.whiskyauctions.eu. So Everybody needs to register.
The costs will be Euro 10,– (+ tax 21 %) per person, you can pay directly by payment register Fee Button.
Register Fee must be payed before you can start selling or buying your bottle(s) and whiskyitem(s).
Please sent us an email after you did register!!

Your password is personal and belong to your email, it is not allowed to use a password or email adress of someone else, we will check and give pennalties. You always will be responsible for biddings made by your account.
If you want to sell whiskyitem(s) you ask by form if it’s possible to join the whiskyauction and which date you prefer.
We will answer you by email if and when we will put in your item(s) into the auction.

After the whiskyauction the buyer has to pay within four workingdays, we will collect the money and inform you when you can sent the item to the winner, we will confirm everything by email.
Buyer has to confirm per email, the whiskyitem was received.
You will receive your invoice and your payment in about 3 weeks, please be patient.

If there are any questions, contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.